A bottle of red: Not yet published –character quotes

red wine and grapes2

The guy serving sported a name tag with Kevin on it.  His high school pic was below his name as was mine.

“Sammy Seal? “

“Ugh! Yeah, ’tis me.” I was waiting for the seal noises people used to make at the mention of my name. None came.

“What’ll it be? We have red or white and some good ol’ Molson Canadian.”

“Give me a red or can I buy it by the bottle?”

“You should save that for the rest of us, we may need it too Sam.”

“Ok, a glass for now, but I may be back.  I hate reunions but Moe and my morbid curiosity dragged me here.”

“Ha, you were the one who told me to suck it up, Sam.”

“Ladies drink your wine and behave.”

Moe and I laughed and entered into the abyss which had been the school cafeteria.

Cyn caught up. “Are we having fun yet?”

Moe replied “Not loaded enough, ask me in an hour.”

I nearly choked on my drink as I laughed.


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