Character quotes: Holmes In America-coming soon-Karen Vaughan

A conversation between Holmes and a thug:

“He bailed us out of the last jam we were in but there were of course conditions we had to agree to.”

“Like what? I inquired.”

“Watching Sherlock’s son. I hated that I felt like such a perv watching his school and at his uncle’s house.  He made us leave those threatening notes at Sherlock’s place and were supposed to nab the kid when Patterson gave the word.  I wanted to back out but Patterson threatened to throw us back in the joint. I hated him he is probably slimier than Langley himself and that’s saying a lot.”

“It is indeed. Do you know much about his other operations?”

pizap.com14600798993791No we were only trusted too do certain jobs, surveillance, break and entry and abduction.  The easy stuff.”



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