Hello! Great to be here and other stuffs

My name is Heather Poinsett-Dunbar.  I’ve been hiding here for the last few weeks.  I co-author a historical fantasy series with my husband.  The series is called Morrigan’s Brood.  We were talking about how every ancient culture has a vampire myth one night, got a wee bit tipsy over several margaritas, and came up with a story with some characters I’d created for a book that riddled with all sorts of issues.  I’ve been writing since I was 8.  I love writing and reading fantasy, paranormal, historical fiction, mysteries sometimes, romances once in awhile, and true crime for some reason I don’t really understand.

I write historical fantasy because I am a lover of ancient Irish history (golden era if you really want to know).  Lots of Irish/Celtic/Welsh history winds up entwined with myth and folklore, so that’s why we write historical fantasy.

However, the hubby and I both enjoy of learning about all of history.  Especially what my dad termed ‘dirty history’, the stuff no history books covered or considered too obscure or obscene for students.

For example, this week I was re-reading about the battle between Mexico and the French Empire on the fifth of May.  Cinco de Mayo occurred during the US Civil War, so it gets pushed to the back burner when we study history during the 19th century.

I know just enough about history and how to research to be dangerous.

I worked as a librarian/director of library services until recently.  I loved my career but hated my job as a librarian for a for profit college.  I won’t go into reasons why I disliked it, but I’m very happy now to be working at home because since we started remodeling, there has been no limit of crazy here.

There was a tiny flood in the house as someone (not me) used the toilet and it overflowed.  About an hour later, the cats jumped into bed with me and I noticed they were wet.  I called my husband and we spent about four or five hours sweeping and vacuuming water out of the house, picking up furniture from the bedroom/bathroom being remodeled, drying said furniture, and then starting huge number of loads of dirty towels and blankets. Never have I been so thankful that all the carpet is out of the house.  We set up huge fans and dried out the rest of the damp.

In the meantime, our oldest cat decided to protest the manner in which we put him and the two other kitties in our current bedroom.  He peed on a new pillow and it went onto the blankets, sheets, but our mattress is wrapped up in a protective cocoon plastic zipper thingy.  So thankfully it doesn’t smell of 17  year-old slightly blind kitty catpiss.

I will make mention of the kitties a lot.  We have three black kitties named Lucius, Clyde, and Brigid.  They are spoiled, but what pets aren’t?  At the moment Clyde is sitting on the back of my chair.

In the meantime I’ve been drafted to start a new LLC for the husband as his boss wants to hire him to do other consulting stuff that I don’t understand.  I may see about tying the publishing company to it, but that’s another post that I’ll cover later possibly.

Anyways … I’ll be posting the prologue to our first book in an hour or so.

Thanks for allowing me to join in the fun.  🙂


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