7 levels of my anxiety according to my mom

this going into the act


the 7 levels of anxiety according to momleather straps

While mom understood my anxiety she discouraged me to awfulise any situation  stage 1 was tizzy level–all attacks no matter how bad should stay here. However if I should escalate here are the other levels that worsen by degree.

2. lather-solved by a dousing of cold water to chill me out–it worked -it just pissed me off.

3 dither-time to call the doc and ask advice

4. hissyfit–crisis unit at the hospital

5 conniption-lock down unit-with nice meds

6.melt down–padded cell with straight jacket and nice meds

7. thermo-nuclear melt down-ever one else needed to put their heads between their legs and kiss their butts good bye as all hope of recovery was lost.

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