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Character Quotes –The Convergence

The Convergence by Ruth Davis Hays. Book Two of the Translations from Jorthus series.

conv cover for blogs“I’m going out,” Lylith announced to her myriad pets. Squeaks, twitters, and rustles of protest came from all sides as her animal friends were roused by these unfamiliar words.

“Do you need something from out there?” asked a kindly old sheepdog named Sallye. “I’ll fetch it for you. What do you need? I’ll fetch it, I will.”

Smiling at her old friend, she patted the soft head. “I know you would. But, this is something I have to get myself.”

Gathering a small basket of fruit that the birds had brought that morning, Lylith trotted down to the garden level, leaving for Master Calbraum’s tower.


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