Holmes in america chapter 3 and 4


Holmes and I had been working together for a week when I had finally had enough of his incessant cussing and use of British slang and gave me no clue to what he meant.  As we were having lunch, I took the time to address the issue.

Holmes was staring out the window at one of the prostitutes on the corner. “Well, would you look at the twat on that one?”

“The what?”

“You know, her naughty bits, love channel, business central and all that.  I bet that piece of real estate gets a lot of traffic.”

“Good God need you be so crude?  You forgot koochie, but may I remind you the proper word is vagina.”

No one uses that word when talking about body parts these days.”  Nigel was cringing at the thought.  Using scientific words when discussing one’s privates in a romantic sense is a real mood killer.  I bet you never…

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