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Quotes from The Convergence

It is the narrator speaking, not a character, but the best way I know to introduce quotes from the second book in the Jorthus fantasy series:

conv cover for blogs

Heroes are seldom created in a day, and they do not spring forth from their mothers, draped in glory, to be heralded as the saviors of their people. They can crawl from any corner:  a prayerful temple sanctuary or the filthiest rat hole. They rise to face a foe bravely; fight terrible odds to save a wronged prisoner; or even sacrifice their life to stop a disaster. In stepping up to their destiny, they grow before the thankful eyes of the admiring throngs to become greater than all others… behemoths, at times.

But… this is not always the case. At least, it is not true in this case.

Here we have prisoners, thieves, fugitives, and even murderers…


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