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Holmes in America:Character quotes

Coming soon–This is a work in progress but I wanted to share this quote:


I pulled into the visitor’s lot and found a spot near the back so Kristen wouldn’t see me.  I immediately dialed Chris’ cell phone.

“Eversley, we have a problem.”

“What would that be?”

“It’s Kristen, she’s here.”

“Why? Did she get herself arrested?”

“No but if you don’t get your arse down here, she might.”

“What the…. Oh shit, please don’t tell me she’s trying to see Langley?”

“Okay, I won’t but…”

“Do not finish that Holmes. I’ll be there ASAP!”

“I was hoping you would…see you soon.”

“Okay I am leaving now.”

“Roger that.”

“Stand down Holmes. You’re not on duty.”

“10-4 good buddy, catch you on the flip side.”

“Can the CB talk Nigel!”





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