Interview with Draven Wick AKA Raven Willoughby-Hybrid Vampire

Dellani Oakes

One_Night_in_Daytona_Beach_by_Dellani_Oakes - 200What is your name?

My real name is Draven Andrew Wick, but I’m better known as the hybrid vampire, Raven Willoughby.

What do you want most?

Until today, I’d have said a secure job, a long neck and some blues playing. Now, I just want to live until tomorrow—preferably the day after, too.

Why is this so important to you?

It’s important because today, I reconnected with the love of my life. Cool thing, she still loves me, too.

What makes you happy or sad?

Finding Jamie again makes me happy. Realizing that I’ve dragged her into a mess and she could get hurt, makes me sad.

How do you treat the people in your life?

I try to treat people well. They say fame changes a man, I am trying to prove that it doesn’t.

Can people count on you?

Absolutely. I will drop everything to help a friend.

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