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Fedelta Parte 18: Hunted

Fedelta Part 17
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*Warning language*

“Open the door Amato, this is your last warning!” said the police officer on the other side of the door. Scrabbling around the apartment, Amato collected several of his personal effects and shoved them into a duffle bag. Meanwhile Cassie was loading her gun, “What are you gonna do take out the cops with your antique 38?” Amato mocked.
“If I have to,” Cassie said standing her ground in front of the door.
“Come on!” Amato ordered.

Following him into another bedroom, he led her to a closet where there was a hole in the wall which was big enough for a human being. Whispering he said, “Go! It’ll take you to the apartment next door. By the time they figure it out, we’ll be gone.” It was brilliant.

First Cassie walked through then Amato who went over to one of the windows revealing a fire escape. Holding the window open for her, they both heard a loud boom as the steel door next door was blown open by the SWAT team. Quickly they both went down the fire escape and made their way down 4 stories and into the alley when they heard the command, “Freeze! Hands in the air!”

However instead of freezing they both ran for it. In fact they both ran three blocks before running into a group of marchers protesting the death of a young teen killed in police custody. Holding Cassie’s hand, Amato and she blended in with the group. As the protestors chanted, “No justice, no peace, with killer police!” they tried to look as normal as possible while power walking their way to freedom.
However that wasn’t to be, because when they marched 4 blocks with the protesters they noticed two police vehicles blocking the intersection. “Damn!” Amato said frustrated.


“We’re almost out of trouble, just act cool,” Cassie reassured him. But she couldn’t be more wrong because as the protesters saw their route being block, they took matters into their own hands and cleared the road. Several men threw down their signs and ran towards the police cruisers and proceeded to flip them over. As the officers watched just 10 feet from the car, they held their ground and retaliated by launching tear gas into the crowd. An older woman covered her face with a scarf and picked up the canister and threw it back at them. Several of the protesters charged forward while Amato seeing a way out, grabbed Cassie’s arm and led her to a small alley. That’s when the rubber bullets flew just as they made their way to the next street.

“I never thought I’d be so glad to see an angry mob,” Amato said chuckling. Cassie however was on high alert knowing they weren’t in the clear just yet. As more police cars entered the fray, they covered their faces with their hoods and kept their heads down as they walked down the street. It was in the cover of mayhem, Amato and Cassie were able to slip out of the grasp of the NYPD.

Seeing he was walking with purpose, Cassie knew he had a plan and before she could ask, he said, “I know a place we can go where they won’t bother us.”
Stopping in her tracks Cassie pulled Amato’s arm and said, “Why don’t we just leave? We can go to Mexico, I have money…”
“I can’t, it’s too late for me.”
Knowing better than to ask, Cassie said, “You sure you wanna do this?”
“Are you?”
“I’m down,” she said more certain than she had ever been about anything.
“Good then let’s see this thing out,”

It all sounded so final and Cassie knew what Amato was about to confront his biggest threat and his darkest fears so the least she could do was be there when the shit went down. If they caught Amato, she was going to jail with him but that didn’t scare her, not as much as losing him did. If she could prevent a violent conflict, she had to try. He was the only thing that matter to her. He was the only thing that felt right. If she had to be at his side at his darkest hour then so be it. She had been preparing for this all her life although she had figured Amato would be on the other side of the law.


Fedelta 2


Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

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