A Little White Lie – Part 9

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverOne name stands out on the list, making Wil very curious. R.A. Emory has been on many missions of late. Of the team, he is the last man standing every time. Wil and the others suspect he’s a traitor, but Wil intends to be sure. He needs a man with Emory’s skills.

Ben leaned over Wil’s shoulder, reading the information on the screen.

“Last man standing every time? Only one left of ten, last of fifteen…. This sounds suspicious, Wil. Each was a team like ours, super soldiers. Isn’t that what the brass call us?”

“I have a bad feeling about this guy, Ben. But you know, I think his luck has run out. I want him on my team.”

“Are you crazy? We could all end up like those others with him last man standing again!”

Wil’s face went blank. “I’ll put him against me any day and bet…

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