Snowed – Part 50

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogAfter the police leave, Mike heads to Molly’s apartment for the night. Sarena is extremely upset and has already gone to bed.

I undressed and crawled in behind her in my boxers. I didn’t want sex, I just wanted to comfort her. She clung to me like a drowning woman, weeping and hiccuping. When that finally settled down, she kissed me and snuggled up in my arms again. We fell asleep holding one another once more.

The rest of the night passed quietly and my alarm went off way too damn early. I left Sarena in bed, the alarm didn’t even wake her up. I got dressed without bothering to shave. It was a freezing morning. Steve drove me to the bus depot so I could pick up my vehicle. I figured I would get a ride home with one of the other drivers.

“You be careful,” he said.

“I’m good,”…

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