Snowed – Part 48

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogMike and Sarena talk a little while about Mystery Date. She is concerned, voicing his mothers misgivings about the other woman. Knowing that her ex-husband was a womanizing jerk, Mike tries to assure her he’s not the same way.

Giggling, she pretended to shove me away, but managed to stay right where I wanted her. A little tickling, some groping and kissing later, we were back in the bed making hot monkey love. I never in my life felt what I did with her. Mystery Date was amazing, but something about Sarena intoxicated me like a fine wine. I couldn’t get enough of her body. If I could have made love to her continuously, the entire night, without a break, I would have.

However, the previous night had caught up with me and and I couldn’t keep up the pace. The hour’s nap hadn’t been enough to completely revive me…

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