Karen Vaughan

Happy Birthday, Karen Vaughan!

KAREN TIMMYS 2013Once in awhile someone comes along that just bowls you over, does a tap dance on your scalp and runs around the room a few minutes before coming to pick you up and dust you off. At least, it feels that way, because they are so dynamic and creative, it’s hard to keep up. One of those unique individuals is author Karen Vaughan.

I met Karen through Facebook and we immediately hit it off. Probably that innate talent we have for making snarky comments. It wasn’t the first time I bonded with someone over sarcasm and it won’t be the last, but it’s certainly been one of the most fun.

Karen Vaughan writes cozy mysteries about Laura and Gerry Hamilton. Laura is a corpse magnet. If someone is going to die in a bizarre and grisly way, Laura will find the body and track down the killer.

dead men don't coverKaren’s books are full of humor, sarcasm (Duh!) and characters that are as endearing as the author who chronicles them. Her latest book is Dead Men Don’t Swing, which I haven’t read yet, but just this moment bought. Hop over to Amazon and have a look.

Help me wish Karen a very happy birthday by leaving her a message below, or better yet, go buy her book!

Dead Men Don’t Swing is only one of Karen’s books. Also look for Dead on Arrival, Over Her Dead Body, Daytona Dead and Dead Comic Standing.



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