Recycling Characters

I recycle characters, do you?

Florida Family Series by Dellani Oakes

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200I recycle characters. I don’t mean that I use a set type, like the Commedia dell’arte, but I reuse characters I have already developed to fill needs in other stories. In my Florida series, I have a few characters I reuse in different novels, who are established in other novels.

For example, Teague McMurtry from The Ninja Tattoo. I’ve used him in three books as a major character, but he’s also featured in at least three more in a very minor role. I frequently need him to come in and save the day, or simply just pop open a beer and chat with a friend.

Another such character is Jasper Waters. I originally introduced him in New at Love

(available in Fran Lewis’ MJ Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1). He came in as the friendly police officer who develops a crush on the main character…

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