Snowed – Part 37

Apologies for the snafu. I miss-posted part 46. It came up a month too soon. Now we’re back on track!

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogNot only do Chester and Ma join them for breakfast, Molly’s daughters arrive with the oldest daughter’s husband.

I gave them a brief rundown on the events of the night. Not including the main event after I got home. Should I say, events? Five—yeah. . . . Okay, I’m pretty proud of myself. So sue me.

Steve and Angie arrived a few minutes later. They drove their van, bringing the rest of the sisters. The other men opted to stay home and do childcare. Most of the girls had children under ten. Molly has four girls, all of them feisty and redheaded like their mother.

I made the introductions, fortunately not screwing up anyone’s name. In addition to Angie, there was Polly, Maggie and Sally. Or as I introduced them to Chester: Angelina, Pauline, Margaret and Sarah.

I went over and got Jesse so she could join us. Meanwhile, Ma…

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