Snowed – Part 46

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogIn an unexpected revelation, Ma admits she pampered Gabe and pushed Michael. She felt that Gabe needed the extra boost because he was nowhere near as intelligent and talented as his brother. She remarks on the fact that Mike has flourished and Gabe hasn’t.

“No, Ma. It’s this place. If I lived back home, I’d be miserable too. Out here, I can breathe easy. I can live my life without the crazy pace of the City. There are some things I miss, but it not so many. Maybe if Gabe moved? He could look for another job, less stressful.”

She nodded, then shook her head. “Livia would never. . . .”

“Maybe she’s miserable too? I mean, four kids in five years? I’d be outta my mind. And she’s not working, so maybe she’s bored?”

“How did you get to be so insightful?”

“It’s the beer,” I said, saluting…

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