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Where the Winds Blow — Part 12

Lauralei and ‘Khiall finally broke through the barrier of innocence and chastity. The taboo ignored as their passions could no longer be denied. The summer sun had heated their young desires, but the cold truth of their world may dowse the flames still….

by Ruth Davis Hays  2011

Through the days, they did not speak in the company of others. The two young lovers imparted their needs through heated glances or secret smiles. They marked their steps with care, so as not to invite suspicion. Their clandestine unions were few, but fraught with the yearning of parched travelers in a drought, sucking the moisture from their very bones.

Lauralei craved the exquisite extremes that only her step-brother seemed able to draw from her; he used her to cloak a threatening darkness in his mind, an urge he could never share. He savored the intricate yielding of her body and soul. Each time he pulled her closer, he denied that this joy was only teasing him with hopes of normality.

In the deep of a night, several weeks after their first grueling and cherished embrace, the couple reclined in Lauralei’s bed. Their bodies were bathed in the moist splendor of their unrestrained exertions.

Prostrate on his stomach with his arms tucked under his chin, ‘Khiall let her hand run up and down his naked back and buttocks. The sensation tickled him in the best way imaginable.

“I love you, Laure,” he muttered into the pillow and then turned to stare at her.

With an impish smile, she joked, “Oh, you’re just saying that because I’m willing to touch your Cock’s Crown.”

They snorted at the raw jest, adding euphemisms such as Stock’n’Bells and Cod’s Head. Then her giggling smile slid to an attentive expression. “I love you, too, Dharromar,” she whispered straight from her young heart.

Ceasing her stroke across his skin, she laid her head close to his and examined his engaging features.

“What are we going to do about it?” he ventured. A tender sadness crept into her expression and he knew that she had also thought on this. His voice betrayed his fears. “We are siblings by law. What will happen if we are found out?  They could try to take you away from me again.”

“I was not taken. I went to school.” She kissed his shoulder gently, the salt of his sweat teasing her lips. Having thought many times on the possible paths of this endeavor, her logical mind had argued each out. None would lead to perfect happiness. Though, her heart had tried to ignore the certainties placed before her.

“I shouldn’t think that this will last forever,” Lauralei stated matter-of-factually. “If we keep it secret, sooner or later, one of us will have to leave the other by either our duties in life or by nature. You’ll be sent to apprentice somewhere and Father has already begun to negotiate my bonding to a count or duke, or something. Yet, if we pronounce our love openly, they might do something horrible.”

“What could be more horrible than taking you away to marry someone?” he growled miserably. She could hear him grinding his teeth for a moment, then he said, “Let’s run away.”

He shifted to face her fully, his eyes aglow with the idea. “We could travel across Jorthus. To Myretrae or Cordilleran.”

Although her heart longed to rejoice at the prospect of having her own real adventure with her beloved Dharromar at her side, Lauralei felt a constriction sink in her chest. “That sounds marvelous, Dharromar. But, you know as well as I that Solomen would spare nothing to find me and bring me back home to honor his marriage negotiations.”

‘Khiall pouted at being put off so immediately. “There’s no way someone could find us if we really don’t want to be found,” he argued. “No one is that good at tracking.”

She knew that he did not want to discuss truths, but only to cling with greedy intimacy to each other for a little longer.

“That’s not the point, ‘Khiall,” she remonstrated. His face flinched as if struck. She pursued the logistics of his proposal. “We don’t have the money or know where to go. Neither of us have enough skills to create a new life out in the world yet. It is just impractical. Marvelous and romantic, but impractical. And you know it, too.”

As the despondency drifted over from her heart into his eyes, she tried to restore his affections with her soft caress upon his downcast face. The tragedy of their relationship sank into his mind and soured to bittersweet spite in his mouth.

“So, I am to just wait around while Solomen marries you off and you grow old?” He bit down on the words. “At least it won’t seem that long to me until you’re dead.”

His utterance cut her with precision. Tears began filling her eyes. Turning away from her, he kept his own pain hidden. The night was crawling to cold dawn, and they would soon be isolated by separate bedrooms.

As her mind ran over his intention, she blinked back her tears to drown the sharp pain. She found solace in the fact that he would only hurt her verbally because he was hurting as well. Reaching out her hand, she brushed his back and shoulders, until she felt him soften to her touch.

“Oh, Khia…Dharromar,” she corrected herself. “No step we take can bring us eternal happiness. That is all the more reason to find what happiness we can now, while we are able.”

Slowly, he opened back up, rolling over to look into her eyes. His morose expression spoke his apology to her, and she smiled. They absorbed the warmth from each other for long moments in delicate contact and wordless communion.

“Do I make you happy?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes, by the gods. You are the only thing in life that gives me happiness.” He answered with a devouring urgency spreading in his eyes once again.

“Do you want to make me happy?”

“Of course,” he whispered, rolling nearer to her. His agile hand began sliding over her small frame.

“Then kiss me. That would make me happy,” she instructed.

There was no need for her encouragement. His body was already reconciling with his heart and mind over the fate of their romance. To take what she offered was all that he could hope. Their kiss opened wider into a renewed desperation for relevance, and he pulled her on top of him.

Fondling eagerly as their limbs blended into one flesh, he joined easily with her body, fleeing dread reality and cascading towards the fires of consummation. They tumbled with thrilling abandon, giggling quietly as their flesh pursued a sweating climax. He rose above her, his intermittent grunts amusing her as always. His defining moment approaching.

Exploding off its hinges, her door crashed into the wall beside them. Chaotic light flooded the room. ‘Khiall heard Lauralei scream. Denied climax by the shock of thick hands gripping him, he was dragged naked to the floor.


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