In His Own Words – Joel McMurtry

Joel’s a little single minded, to say the least, but he’s a good man and a good cop.

Florida Family Series by Dellani Oakes

author dellani oakes banner with conduct unbecoming from Christina

I originally posted this on my Dellani Oakes blog, but decided to re-post it here. This post has been used with my permission.

Joel is one of Teague’s many cousins. Their family is legion and they all stand up for one another. Joel was introduced in The Ninja Tattoo, but has much more of a role in Conduct Unbecoming. He’s a fun character and I really like him. Here, to tell you about himself in his own words, is Joel McMurtry.

What is your name?

Joel McMurtry

What do you want most?

If you’d asked me that a couple days ago, I would have said that I want to do my job, catch bad guys and have sex with hot women. Today, though, I’d have to say getting through the next 24 hours without getting killed—and having sex with beautiful women.

Why is this so important to you?

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