Snowed – Part 34

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogMike can’t drive home quickly enough. They are barely in the door before they’re undressing one another.

“Are you really here?” I whispered hoarsely. “You aren’t some amazing dream that’s going to heat me up and leave me in a sex starved puddle, are you?”

“I’m standing here asking myself the same thing,” she murmured. “You’re so gorgeous.”

I chuckled, kissing her tenderly. “This better be real. But if it’s not, it’s the most amazingly realistic dream I ever had.”

We kissed again, a long time. My fingers brushed her nipples, feeling them spring at me, stiff and excited. They weren’t the only thing stiff and excited in the room, let me tell you. I wanted to throw her on the bed and pleasure myself inside her, but I wanted this perfect, beautiful. . . .

I wanted to know who the hell was beating on my front door? I…

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