What is Your Character’s Favorite Color? — by Pat Bertram

Indigo Sea Press Blog

Because colors have meaning, a character’s favorite color can tell us a lot about him or her. Red for an ambitious extrovert. Pink for an affectionate, compassionate person. Yellow for an optimistic artist. Green for a benevolent humanist. Blue for a cool, confident conservative. Purple for an intuitive, spiritually oriented person. Brown for a down-to-earth type.

So, what is your character’s favorite color? You can either choose a color from the following list and create the character accordingly, or you can check the list of attributes to see what color a character with that personality would like.

Red — Ambitious, energetic, extroverted

Pink — Affectionate, compassionate, romantic

Maroon — Sensuous, friendly, emotional

Orange — Fun-loving, action-oriented, competent

Peach — Gentle, charitable, enthusiastic

Yellow — Optimistic, expressive, people-oriented

Mint green — Modest, insightful, kind-hearted

Apple green — Innovative, adventuresome, self-motivated

Green — Benevolent, service-oriented, scientific

Teal — Idealistic, faithful, sentimental


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