Snowed – 32

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogMike and Sarena are both very attracted to one another. He finds her humor very in sync with his.

We sat back down in the booth. Sarena sat so close, her thigh rubbed against mine the entire meal. It was incredibly distracting, but in a way that I hoped would never stop. The hope that eventually, her skin would be rubbing mine, was all that kept me going through the meal. I know I probably didn’t make a lot of sense, but my mind was regressing to a primal Id state. The longer I was around Sarena, the worse it got. The only consolation I had was that I was having the same effect on her.

Ma didn’t notice a thing, but I Chester did. He watched us rather closely, not exactly frowning, but not exactly not either. As dinner drew to a close, the ladies excused themselves to go…

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