Dellani Oakes

Coming Soon to a Cereal Bowl Near You!

Dellani Oakes with glassesI was thinking, just now, that I’ve been using the Cereal Authors site as more or less a sharing ground, rather than giving you anything fun and special to follow. Not that what I’ve been sharing hasn’t been good, but you deserve more than that.

So, the conundrum is, what to share? I’m already sharing a book on my Dellani Oakes site. I’m sharing another on Second Wind Publishing site. I have excerpts on at least four other sites, or it might be more like six. Honestly, not sure. So, I look at Cereal Authors and wonder what on earth I can post.

This site was originally for several people to post and share one another’s work, but most folks have fallen off. Rather than let the blog die, I’ve been posting from time to time, and sharing things from other sites. I feel kind of guilty to be among the only ones posting here.

Therefore, I’m going to start sharing a short story I posted on WattPad at Christmas time. It’s called Christmas and a Vampire. Though it’s after Christmas, the story is still rather fun and light hearted. It’s a prequel to a story I give away for free, called Vampire Hunter (which I am going to do revisions of one of these days)

I really like the characters in Vampire Hunter and wanted to explore them more. I wanted to see how they came to where they are in that story, which is, for obvious reasons when you’ve read it, the last in their long career. Since I like them, I might change it. I haven’t decided.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy Christmas and a Vampire beginning March 12, 2015. Even if it isn’t Christmas, can’t vampires be festive any time of year?


© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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