Undiscovered – Excerpt from Chapter 6

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Love Under the Sun

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200Scott decides the best way to protect Cadence is to take her somewhere unexpected. He won’t tell her his plans, nor does he share that information with Weinstein. The only hold up is having a place for Cadence to keep her cat, Porthos. She makes a quick call to her mother telling her she’s going off for a romantic weekend with a new man.

“Wow, you lie better than I do.”

“I didn’t exactly lie. The only thing I lied about was how long we’ve known one another. We’re going away for a long weekend and—you are special.”

“Cadence,” he turned to her, taking her hands once the elevator door closed. “I really like you—more than any other woman I’ve ever known.”

“But? Cause I know there’s one hiding in there.”

“This can’t be a romantic weekend. I’m doing my job.”

Her mouth worked and her chin jutted defiantly. “I…

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