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Where the Winds Blow – part 7

After days of giggles, secret glances, and intimate, promising kisses in the tiny broom closet under the stairs, Lauralei decides to choose a more comfortable rendezvous. The Khnyghtsyde manor house is dark and shuttered one quiet night, except for one… maybe two windows…

by Ruth Davis Hays  2011

The night clouds, draped thick over the moons’ radiance, hid all movement from the eyes of the unsuspecting. No one saw the figure of a lithe, young woman traverse from one balcony to the next with the skill of a feline. Lauralei entered her stepbrother’s sparsely decorated room along with the heavy scent of jasmine and honeysuckle, which lined the outer walls. His balcony window stood open, awaiting her. Long, blue drapes billowed slightly with the midnight breeze.

The room was different than she remembered from her childhood. A small bookcase near his wardrobe was nearly empty, the wood in need of sanding and fresh paint; his floor was bare, chill stone; walls devoid of all the pictures and tapestries that she had recalled using in their childish imaginings. The only furniture left, aside from the crippled looking wardrobe, was his bed and a side table that held one darkened oil lamp. ‘Khiall’s room was very dismal to her, except that it had him inside.

Lying on his squat, four poster bed and staring at her, covered with only a white sheet, was the beautiful young man with whom she was eager to share her new knowledge of the carnal appetites. His skin was luminous and his hair spun from the shadows; she smiled at him and went to curl up under the sheet as he lifted it in invitation.

His bed was narrow and they were forced to lie on their sides, facing each other, to avoid rolling off either edge. Their hair intermingled on a hard-packed, stale feather pillow. The mattress was not much better.

She chuckled at the discomfort of their predicament as she slid close to him, her thin, white nightgown blending with the sheets, but he was silent except for his shallow breath. Face already aglow with sweat despite the cool air, he just watched each move made as she struggled to embrace him in a comfortable way.

“We should meet in my room next time,” she joked. Appreciating the greed simmering within his expression, she felt her soul tremble with a slight trepidation at what she might evoke in him this night. One sinewy arm draped over her to protectively hold her in his bed. Close to his body now, she realized that he was naked. Her pulse accelerated. His nearness caused her to swoon a bit. Grasping her senses, she fought to stay focused. “Is this alright with you?” she whispered.

“If it wasn’t, I would have locked my window,” he murmured mischievously. Soft, pliant curves teasing him from beneath her nightgown, he seized her body in a fumbling grasp. Her breasts squashed against him, the caress of nipples driving his senses into a fiery whirlwind as her hands left trails of tumbling electricity all across his skin. The brush of her lips were a tantalizing prelude to what he hoped might follow. His loins began to ache to know what would come next.

Exhilarated, she stretched up to kiss him; her hands roamed over the warm, velvet of his exposed chest. As their fondling increased, she cuddled him and between breaths, she asked, “Do you feel anything yet?”

He paused, confused. “What do you mean?”

Her light eyes flashed downwards. “Does it feel… special?” she asked timidly. Having noted that he was slightly thick with anticipation, Lauralei wanted to be sure he was ready. Physically, he was developing slower than her, but his body seemed to be responding to her proximity.

At a loss for what to say, he was self-conscious about the obviousness of his low thoughts. In her eyes was a calming strength for him to cling to and she wordlessly slid her hand down his bare stomach. Flinching slightly, he did not object to her chosen course. He reveled in her touch and stared quietly into her face as she moved her curious hand further down, gliding along his smooth flanks to analyze the entirety of his private anatomy.

“What does that feel like?” she asked beside his ear with a heated whisper as her fingers curled around her unspoilt discovery. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, Laure,” he gasped tightly, eyes closing as his flesh responded to her tender stroke. A radiating pleasure previously conjured only in his fevered imagination began coursing through him. He tensed, the wave of tingling bliss coiled back down into his groin and surged harder. His skin broke out in a grateful sweat once more, and he pressed his forehead to hers as he bit hard into his lower lip, moaning.

Encouraged by his reactions, Lauralei quietly teased, “Do you want me to stop?”

“Gods Below, no!” He frantically stifled a shout. Flopping onto his back, his black hair tumbled across his pillow, straddling his neck.

Determined, she incorporated his uncontrolled movements to their play. Her pulse quickening, she guided him along the path of decadent sensations until he was quite rigid in her grip; so much so, that it seemed his skin might explode. He shifted slightly, one of his hands covering hers, controlling her rhythm before he writhed with an ecstatic whisper of her name. A secret and triumphant smile tickled her lips as she felt his body pushing back against hers and the culminating harvest of their efforts spilled, leaving him breathless. He shifted away from her as she flattened against him, trying to meet his hesitant gaze.

“It’s alright, Dharromar,” she said, soothing him.

Uncertainty appeared to be raking through his body when he did turn to her, his eyes large and luminous in the dim light from outside. She saw tears glistening in them. Embracing him instinctively, she assured him. “It’s perfectly natural. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

Rolling over, his arms grabbed her convulsively and hot tears fell on her neck as he calmed.


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