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Fedelta Parte 12: Hangman

Fedelta Part 12
Image Via Pixabay

Amato went to the rendezvous point at the 52nd street junk yard to meet New York’s infamous investigative reporter, Javier Marín. It was an unusual cool June morning but Amato wasn’t the least bit nervous in fact, he was determined to get this done. Feeling the breeze on his face, he brushed his over grown black hair out of his face. He grew it out to throw off the cops, he also grew a beard in case he wound up on the street and needed to blend in with the homeless. Amato spent most of his days planning the next move.

In his new persona, he managed to sneak into his old apartment and discovered it was ransacked. Someone was obviously looking for something however, they left his plasma T.V. and the wireless speakers untouched. Meanwhile his desk drawers were pulled out and their contents spilled onto the floor.

Smiling to himself he navigated the messy floor and went to the bathroom which was also untouched and went to a tiny towel rack and moved it revealing a small nook. Inside, were several big files and a few digital recorders. Carefully he put them in his attaché and left the apartment in a rush. Upon exiting the building, several police officers were coming up the stairs and instead of retreating back into the building, Amato decided to test his new look. It was a bold and risky move but to his surprise, they rushed past him not even giving a second look. It was the confidence boost he needed to continue with his mission.

Flash forward two months later, Amato found himself waiting on this reporter who told him he would be there at 9:30 a.m. Pacing the sidewalk, he looked at his watch and noticed it was already 9:55 a.m. and immediately found himself suspicious. Walking over to the gate of the junk yard, he noticed the gate was unlocked which was unusual. Pushing the gate open, he walked through into the junk yard and noticed the footprints of several people. Amato’s instincts kicked in and he took out his gun and quietly followed the prints. When he made his way to the source of the trail, he only saw a man hanging from a forklift and it was none other than television’s own Javier Marín. He was obviously put on display for Amato, it was hard for him to not get emotional. He made a mistake and his old pals at the precinct capitalized on it. It was his fault that Marín was dead and the guilt was killing him. However there was no time to cry over spilled blood, he knew whoever was hired to kill him could be lying in wait. So Amato quickly backtracked, using the rows of crushed cars as his cover, while making his exit from the junkyard.

Making his way back to his car, Amato checked his rearview mirror to see if anyone was following him. Not trusting his senses, he quickly retreated from the area knowing full well that his tormentors were watching all this with sheer glee.

Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

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