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Oops! I Forgot! – by Dellani Oakes

shakazhan and Lone Wolf banner from KarenThis is another prompt from Fun in Writing – the prompt was Forgetfulness.

I blame it on doorways. Seriously, there was a study done—somewhere I don’t remember—that determined that doorways can make you forget. You know how you walk from one room to another, determined to do something when you get there and you walk into the other room—and forget. Doorways break up your train of thought, making the transition from one room and one thinking space to another. That’s what this study determined. For real! Would I lie?

I’ve always had memory lapses. I like to hope they aren’t getting more frequent, but I’m rather afraid they are. My husband, who is four years older, calls them “Senior Moments” and I want to kick him. I call them “Author Moments”. I refuse to cop out by blaming my memory lapses on age.

My mother always used to tell me that it was because I had so many things to remember, I chose to forget some less important things. Perhaps, but sometimes I forget very important things, though I have determined that often important to my husband isn’t important to me. And I tend to forget things I don’t really want to do in the first place—like call the computer tech to take my computer in to have work done. Or call the doctor for an appointment.

My mother also used to tell me that you lost a 1/3 of your memory with each child. In which case, I have a great excuse, I have four children. By that math, I’m 33.3% in the hole.

This memory thing bothers me. Dementia runs in my mom’s family. Of course, so does longevity. My grandmother was 99 when she passed. Her siblings were all in their late 90s as well. My mother is 94, her sister is 96 and they’re still going. Mom is having some serious issues, which the doctor now things might be circulatory—which, if they’d asked me or listened to me—EVER I could have told them. I’ve suspected that for years.

All that aside, the week my sister & I spent in Ohio in February, brought a lot of these fears home. She kept saying, “Take a good look, this is the future.” Considering that my brain kind of went on hold the whole time and I wasn’t communicating much better than my mom, that was disturbing.

On the plus side (always have to find one of those) I can remember the names of all my heroes and heroines. I can tell you the plot of anything I’ve ever written. I can tell you titles, subplots and villains. I can even pull up the names of some of the secondary characters and PETS!

With this in mind, I remember what my mother said about remembering what’s important. I let the “little things” go and keep the big things in my mind. I focus on what’s most “real” to me—my characters and their tribulations. It occasionally makes me forget when to start dinner or what day it is, but that’s what family is for, right?

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2 thoughts on “Oops! I Forgot! – by Dellani Oakes”

  1. Whenever one of my family would proclaim that they had forgotten something, my grandfather used to say. “If it’s important, it’ll come back.” And, surprisingly, that still works for me to this day. Maybe it’s relaxing the mind in trying to remember that gives it the extra bump. Of course, it doesn’t always happen the same day. LOL


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