Sea of Destiny – Part 24 by Dellani Oakes

Sea of Destiny continues! Look for a new episode the 17th of each month at Second Wind Publishing.

Indigo Sea Press Blog

Adam takes Emily to the ship’s infirmary at Kyle’s request. Cindy asks her father not to fall in love with Emily. She doesn’t want to see sea of destiny coveranother part of her father destroyed by the death of another loved one. Kyle hasn’t got the heart to tell her that he thinks he already has. 

  He bathed quickly. Hearing voices in the room, he opened the bathroom door cautiously. The entire family was gathered in his room.

“Hey, everyone out! I’m not even dressed. Out!”

“Picky, picky,” Carmelita called as the children trooped through the adjoining door. “Not like I ain’t seen a naked man before.”

“Yeah, but not this naked man,” he countered. “Scoot!”

She followed the children into the other room, snapping the door shut behind her. He scooted a luggage rack in front of it while he searched for his underwear and clothing. Dressed in another pair of baggies…

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