The lazy blogger

An apology from a lazy blogger


As writers we have many tasks to do and hats to wear. I feel as though I have dropped a ball in my constant juggling act to keep on top of blogging and shameless self-promotion.

infinite loop

As everyone knows by now I have been doing a radio show on Blogtalk radio every month.

WRITERS ROUND TABLE airs the second Tuesday of every month. My repertoire is growing and so thus does my list of responsibilities.

Do you as writers often drop the ball purposely just to give yourselves a mental break? So when something’s gotta give, what do you give up for the sake of your sanity?

Blogging was the thing that drew the short straw.

I love to blog. I knew I was missing something in my routine but I wasn’t sure quite what until a friend mentioned she was behind on her blogging yet being the only one doing it. Then it hit me! The blogs –I don’t think I have graced karenwritesmurder.com with anything noteworthy in a couple of months nor has my pen hit CEREAL AUTHORS or WRITEMINDS BLOG in a dogs age.

I have also dropped the ball on promoting others on social media.

So here it is: My apology to those I promised to promote and two sites I love to contribute. This is not a resolution to do better although I will endeavor to keep up with my fellow writers and promoters.

balls in the air

Also being on the radio means we schedule our shows and line up guests on our own—It’s definitely a DIY kind of thing and it’s an experience I love but I hate the techie glitches. Last month the station which shall remain nameless decided to have a menopausal hissy fit. My guest was a great sport and agreed that after fifteen minutes of crap we would call time of death and reschedule.

When I decided to be a writer I never realized it would involve blogging, promoting and chatting on internet radio but I don’t think I could ever give it up.


1 thought on “The lazy blogger”

  1. There’s no need to apologize for not blogging or marketing others. We’ve all been in that boat where we HAVE to focus on our creative projects rather than the myriad of other things pawing at our attention. These days we have so many hats to wear and it’s nearly impossible to keep up. I’m an organized person and even I have issues with keeping it all straight.

    You can find yourself panicking and thinking; is the show today? Did I edit that blog post? How many posts do I have left in Buffer? It’s maddening!

    I made an agreement with myself, I am a human being first, an author second, and blogger third. Everything else has to take a backseat.


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