How does stress affect your writing?

It has been one hell of a bad trip these last few weeks. I know there are things I should be doing and books to be written but social media has thrown me for a loop.

First of all my tried and true acer laptop bit the dust. I bought a new levono  with windows 8. This was a chore to learn and I gave that one to my hubby to use as he was not as stressed as I was and wouldn’t kill the thing. I went back to using Hubs’ laptop but then a hacker nailed me on face book and I had to recreate a new account.  I was fit to be tied so the writing and editing came to a standstill til I could get it together and let the dust settle. Some people can function under duress and use that angst in their favor creatively. I am NOT one of those people.  I do have a story idea for the MYSTERY OF THE HACKED UP HACKER in mind but the bugger isn’t worth my time or energy.  Awhile back a nasty neighbor was causing stress but I managed to turn it around and find a nice way to make him croak fictionally speaking.  How do you handle stress as a writer?  Do you use it creatively or does it stymie you?  I have felt creatively blocked.before. My characters sensed my angst and ignored me.  I  think I am over it now but it is stressful.


2 thoughts on “How does stress affect your writing?”

  1. I’m like you in this as well. I can’t take that energy and channel it. How I wish I could! I used to keep a journal, but found myself going back and reading it – big mistake – reliving all the angst therein, so I gave that up. I’ve found that I have to step away and take a break. Eventually, I feel better. It just takes time. I wish that I had a tried and true method, but I don’t.


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