One of those blogs about nothing by Karen Vaughan

It is Dec 21/13 the shortest day of the year. I have nothing for this blog so like the writer I am I may just ramble.

I recently read a blog that Dellani Oakes wrote about writing and family support. I am fortunate that my husband likes my work and brags about his wife the writer. My daughter thinks it’s pretty neat but maybe I should get a job that pays. She has read my work but cringes at the love scenes not thinking that her mom should not write anything steamy. My brother has been pretty supportive of the whole venture and even gives me feedback for the books he has read.

My friends are really good and understand my need to write when I could be out spending time with them. I don’t just bury myself in front of the laptop 24/7 unless the muse calls.


The above is a picture my editor sends me when I am not writing enough. It’s a big joke and I send it to fellow writers when they need inspiration.

Even if my family doesn’t get it my writing family does. They get my quirks and warped plots. We understand each others writers block and story issues as we have all been there.

We have blog hops and parties and tweet, share and like each others pages.

I love my writers community and wouldn’t want to be without it.


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