Happy Halloween from Fran Lewis!


Fran Lewis Podcast

Fran Lewis loves Halloween! She likes spooky music, witches, ghosts and ghoulies. Most of all, she likes when her friends and family enjoy their spooky fun safely. In the spirit of all things spectral, please enjoy Fran’s poems and check out the safety tips at the end. Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween!

The Witch Next Store – Fran Lewis

My name is Esmeralda and I live next store to you
I am a witch who has talent and I can teach it you too
Incantations. Spells and other important things and more
For free lessons in witches skills won’t you come next store

I have candy corn that really is sweet
It is not your usual Halloween treat
The rainbow colors each have a special taste you see
That will send you off into another dimension for free

Goblins are dangerous and we all know that
They even make fun of my beautiful pointy hat
I would never hurt you since you live where I do
So why not be my friend and I will always help you

I would never turn your friends or others into toads
Leading you or your friends down the wrong roads
Anyone who tries to cast a spell on you
Will never know what hit them since my loyalty and friendship for you is true

We can go out on Halloween Night and really scare everyone we meet
Flying on my broomstick is always so neat
Gathering the things we need for our trip
Is always the best part that I would never skip

I prepare my own goody bags as I would one for you
Chocolates, caramels, witches brews and other things too
To give them to children who are in hospitals you see
Flying down like Santa does on my broomstick not falling under a tree

So be my friend and bring others too
We can go out and have fun on Halloween just me and you
Don’t be afraid and take a chance with me
I will be the best friend you will ever have or see

This Halloween Night will be the best you have ever had
So, Please come next store so I won’t be sad
I promise not cast a spell on you or turn you into a toad
Walk next store and get this night on the road.

This is my special post dedicated to all those who have not grown up, love Halloween, the kid in all of us and just because everyone needs to smile.

From Esmerelda, the good goblins and ghosts: Stay safe

Faces Behind The Stones
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The True Meaning Of Halloween

Witches, ghosts and goblins galore
Would like to tell you the meaning of Halloween and more
It does not mean you should be afraid of us
Seeing us around please don’t make a fuss

It is not a day for throwing eggs and hurting others you see
It is supposed to be fun for collecting candy for you and me
Dressing up in costumes and wearing strange looking masks you know
Hides who we are but not to frighten anyone it’s just for show

Contests for the best costume and parties are great fun too
Keeping children safe from harm and having fun with you
Goblins, ghosts and witches are there to protect you from harm you see
They are flying overhead to make sure that you have fun with your friends and me

Halloween is fun to get bags of candy, sweets and other treats to bring home and eat
But not before you make sure that it is a safe and not a tainted treat
There are some who don’t understand that it is all in good fun you know
Ruining it for others because they get rowdy and do it for show

Trick or treating where you live is the right thing to do
Not going alone would be wise for you
Wearing costumes with masks that keep your eyes open and able to see
Would be smart when ringing doorbells and accepting treats for you and me

Candy corn, corn fudge, jack-0=lantern popcorn balls and peanut butter eyeballs to try out and see
If those are sweet enough for you or do you need candy spiders, pumpkin bites and chocolate covered bees

Gummy worms, spider web candy and a melon brains to make you smart
But be careful since some of these can really taste tart
Banana ghosts and even snicker bars and more for you
Will give the sugar boost you like so much so true

But the main thing this day is that you keep safe and are careful and make sure
That you only go to people you know when you knock on a door
Do not go into anyone’s house or get too close to a stranger
You never know who might try to put you in danger

This is not to scare you from having fun and going out to trick or treat
But go with an adult and friends and be careful of strangers that you might meet
The meaning of Halloween is to have fun and get some good treats, laugh and have fun
Try going out in the daylight when you can see the sun

Happy Halloween and stay safe

Tips from Fran:

Remember: Do not go out by yourself
Stay in groups
Do not walk down dark paths
Do not eat anything that is opened or loose
Make sure that you give the candy to your parents to check before eating it
Stick with your neighbors and people that you know
Do not walk up to strangers and ask for candy
Parties are fun but be careful when you are walking outside: Take off your mask so that you can see where you are going and be careful crossing the street
If you are wearing dark colors have something light in your hands to make sure people see you
But: most of all STAY SAFE:



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