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Fedelta Parte 7: Underboss

Fedelta Part 7
Pic via Pixabay

*Warning* Language & Violence

It was seven in the morning, and the phone was ringing on Cassie’s nightstand.  She had just gotten home hours ago after a late night out with Detective Amato.  Bashing her hand into the nightstand, she growled, “Ow!”

Wiping her eyes, Cassie squinted as she tried to read the screen.  Immediately, she sat up when she recognized the number.  How could they know?  The only other person who had this number was Detective Amato.  Could he have sold her out?  As the phone continued ringing, Cassie sat paralyzed not knowing what to do.  Finally it stopped and a few seconds later, she got a beep from her phone letting her know a message was left.

Holding the phone, she starred at it mustering up the courage to listen to what her brother Dom had to say. With a shaky hand, she selected voicemail on the phone and listened. Void of any emotion her brother Dominic said, “Cass, we gotta talk.  You know where I’m at.”  The message ended abruptly leaving Cassandra wondering what her next move should be.  Who could she trust now?

The answer was obvious, she would trust the only person she could, herself.  After showering and dressing Cassie went to a gun shop in the Bronx.  With her last $1,500 she purchased a Beretta Px4 Storm with 17 rounds.  While the gun only cost $700, opting out of a mandatory background check cost her another $700.  As an insurance policy, she gave the cashier an extra $100 for the security camera footage of her coming into the store.  Cassie wasn’t leaving any stone unturned, she knew Dominic wouldn’t.

As the snow fell gently on the side walk Cassie made her way to Mira’s Café where her brother held court. Approaching the building, she noticed it appeared empty and the street surrounding it was deserted as well.  That was not good.  All of her instincts told her to turn back and run away, but there was nowhere to run.

Carefully, she gripped the handle of her gun as she pushed the café door open.  The place was completely empty except, Dominic, who sat at a table near the counter.  Cassie was no fool, she knew someone was most likely hiding behind the counter or even in the kitchen waiting on Dom’s cue.

Standing at the door, Cassie looked directly at Dominic wondering if she should just kill him now or wait to get closer.  If she was going to take a shot at him, it had to be deliberate and on target, otherwise, she was dead.  Stepping closer to the table, she took tiny steps and finally Dom rose to meet her.  Stretching out his hand, he gestured for her to sit, but Cassie wasn’t falling for it.  “All right Cass, if you wanna be like that” Dom said with his hands in the air like in a surrender pose.  Then one man sprung up from behind the counter, Cassie took her gun and shot him directly in the chest.

As the man fell to the floor, Cassie pointed her gun at Dominic.  To her surprise he smiled and said, “Wanna know the truth Cass, I was glad you capped Armand in the fuckin’ head.  It meant less work for me!”  Not surprising was the gun he pulled out of his jacket.  Waving it around, he asked her, “Remember this?  Ya should, it’s papa’s ol Smith & Wesson, the old man made a good livin’ from this piece of crap.”  Cassandra found it odd he wasn’t pulling the trigger yet.  He had the perfect opportunity and he wasn’t taking it.

Then her answer came strolling out of the kitchen of the café, it was Benecio Amatorè, Armand’s baby brother.  Flanked by his two goons, he approached Cassie.  “So dis is the puttana (bitch) that killed my brudda?” the overweight man said in disgust.

Looking at Dominic, Benecio nodded his head in approval and handed him a stack of cash.  His goons with their guns drawn, moved in on Cassie.  However, she wasn’t going quietly.  Instead of meekly surrendering in the face of overwhelming odds, Cassie shot both the men and pointed her gun back at Dominic.

Stunned, Benecio stumbled back, hiding behind Dominic.  Annoyed, Dom rolled his eyes at Benecio

and hit him on the back, pushing him right back in front of him.  Appealing to Cassie, Dom said, “Cass, do the right thing for once in your life.”  Following his advice, Cassie, without a word, shot Benecio in the face.  When she was done, she smiled at her brother and he, back at her.  It was an evil shared between them both which they both relished in.  That was before Dominic turned the gun on her and pulled the trigger.

Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.


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