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Fedelta Parte 6

The atmosphere in the ballroom was light and festive, as the building’s dedication ceremony was celebrated by New York’s elite.  White flowers and golden silk tablecloths were carefully draped on the tables making for a dramatic motif.  The ballroom itself glowed from candle light and crystal chandeliers that adorned the room.  The band played an old obscure tune from Billie Holiday that had many of the oldsters reminiscing about the good old days when ballrooms were filled, gowns flowed and music was good.

Dominic Fenetti was working the room with his new girl Mia, on his arm.  Too young and too blond were just some of the nicer words used by the socialites to describe Mia.  It was just the kind of thing Dominic liked, envy from all the men in the room and distain from the stuffy old broads.  Handing Mia several $100 bills he said, “Go get us something decent to drink.” Winking at him, Mia sauntered away to the bar in order to buy drinks she couldn’t even pronounce.

Dominic walked up to Karen Vaughan the very rich philanthropist whose name was plastered on the building and struck up a friendly conversation.  He wanted desperately in on her business. Mrs. Vaughan’s husband the late Walter Vaughan, was a media mogul with several newspapers and many more online news site that rivaled CNN.  Unfortunately for Dominic, Mrs. Vaughan, could spot a con coming a mile away.  Politely, she refused his meager offer of a million dollars for her pride and joy.  However Dominic would not be deterred and raised his bid to five million.  “As nice as that is Mr. Fenetti, I’m not selling the family biz” she said politely.

“But babe, I just got started, I’m sure we can work something out that’s mutually satisfactory.” He said with a little smile and wink.

“Number one, Mr. Fenetti, never call me babe if you don’t want me to bust your mutuals all over this nice, shiny floor.”

As she said that, Mia came over with the drinks, “Hi Mrs. Vaughan you’re my idol, I loved your show last week about the situation in Darfur.”

“That was Oprah, sweetheart.” Karen said rather annoyed.  “Hey why don’t you two go to the kiddie table, I hear they’re serving Lunchables.”

Just as Dominic was about to retreat in utter humiliation, Detective Amato walked in flanked by his entourage.  Making direct eye contact with him, Dominic dropped his glass of cognac and took a step back, reaching for his gun.  Luckily for everyone in the room, he wasn’t armed.

Walking straight to Mrs. Vaughan, Amato introduced himself as his alias, John Fiorè and kissed her dainty little hand.  “Ol’ Dom ain’t bothering you is he?” Amato asked.

“Well actually…” but before Karen could finish, Cassie made her entrance at the grand staircase nearly giving Dominic a heart attack.

Speechless, he stood in silence, tense, and ready for a fight.  Taking her place next to Amato, he offered Cassie his arm, which she accepted.  Through gritted teeth, Dominic said, “I don’t know what u’s are tryin’ to do here, but I’m gonna put an end to it.”  Tossing her head, Cassie looked at Detective Amato and said, “Leave it to Dom to ruin a good comeback story.”

Confused Mrs. Vaughan asked, “What story?  Am I missing something here?”

Smiling Amato said, “Only a resurrection tale.”

Cassie finished, “Once upon a time there was a culo (ass) named Dominic who tried to bury the past but no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn’t stay dead.”

Infuriated, Dominic pointed his finger at them both and threatened, “When I get done with the two of you, ya gonna wish you were dead.”

Everyone in the room heard him loud and clear, they were all aghast at the side Dominic just revealed.  Sure they knew he was sleazy but no one had any idea he was a thug.

Not sweating him in the least, Cassie and Amato walked away and made it to the dance floor.  As the band played on, they waltzed in the middle of the ballroom.

“You know he’s planning your funeral.” Cassie said.

“Again?  Well, let’s hope he gets it right this time.”  Amato said, as he dipped Cassie.  “ I mean this is really getting embarrassing for the Cosmios.”

Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.


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