Dellani Oakes

Waking the Sleeping Muse

7309_10200745720822975_1733298453_nI have a wonderful, interesting, creative lady in my Friday writing group. For years, she wrote instruction manuals in clear, concise language = DRY. She loves to read, she wants to write fiction, but isn’t sure how to start. I can sense her frustration & her need to be creative. I want to help her wake up her Muse.

I have the opposite problem. I have a Muse that won’t shut up. If I’m not actively writing, I’m thinking of something to write, or doing research. Other times, I’m reading or, as now, writing about writing. My Muse doesn’t even take a nap, so thinking of a way to wake hers up is difficult.

Never let it be said that I shy away from challenge. (Okay, I might do so occasionally, but never let it be said!) I am determined to find a way to help my friend wake up her sleeping Muse.

I’ve tried giving a writing prompt, but that’s only good if it sparks a starting place. A person who can’t find a place to start may still find it difficult to write anything, even if the interest is there. I think I might have found a solution.

Instead of just a prompt, I’m going to give a starting sentence. I had a creative writing teacher in high school, who did that for us. He gave us famous first lines from poems to get our creative juices flowing. I’m doing to do the same thing for my group. I’m doing to generate a few (borrow others) and type them up to share with my group. Maybe something will get her started and she can turn that spark into a bonfire.

If you have a first line you’d like to add, please type it in the comments. Please only one quote per comment (so I can keep them straight) – though you are welcome to post multiple sentences. Please give the author & book. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Waking the Sleeping Muse”

  1. What about a prompt and a picture? Or just a picture? Could inspire imagery of sights, sounds, smells, etc. to get her out of the “dry” mode maybe?


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