Memoirs of a Slacker


November 3, 2012 by Rachel Rueben

For the past few months, I’ve been working on my latest novel, “Eternal Bond” and I got a little stuck.  So I took a break and let’s say, it lasted way  too long!

Here’s what I did instead….

Hag By Rachel RuebenMonkey See, Monkey Do

Photo editing, it’s one of my new past times.  Since I’m not only an author, but a book cover designer as well, I make it my business to know how to rock a stock photo.  My favorite free online photo editing service is  It’s real easy to use and they have tons of useful features.  As you can see to your right, I didn’t do too bad!

Social Media Rounds

What day wouldn’t be complete without mindless rounds of social media.  There were several discussions on Twitter in regards to writing, one was called: #YALitChat, and another was called #StoryCraft.  I managed to only lurk since most of the authors were only bickering about editing.  Yawn!  Why can’t we talk about something exciting like why a lot of authors are mentally ill, or why hasn’t anyone added subtitles to the Gangnam Style video?  This way we can all know exactly why we’re disliking it on Youtube!  I mean come on people, it’s only got 26,000 dislikes and that’s gotta change! 🙂

This screen pic was taken a few months ago.
Hitler & Cats

When I was done with Twitter, I went to Youtube and started looking at funny videos and memes.   I began with Henri the “Existential Cat” who apparently has gotten very ambitious since the last time I saw him:


I even visited an old favorite of mine, it’s from the Hitler Rants Parodies.  The premise of this meme is what if Hitler survived WWII and is still planning to take over the world from his bunker?  In this episode, Hitler’s mother is coming to visit which throws the whole bunker into chaos:

*Warning Language!*


How about cats that look like Hitler?  I know some of the owners are using markers to draw in a mustache but is it wrong to say they creep me out?


Desperate Author

If I’m really bored or need inspiration, I go to and put phrases in the search engine like; fear, danger, depression, murder, or whatever comes to mind.  Here’s a good one!  She inspired a short story I might share in the near future.

Royalty Free Stock Photo: Female gangster. Image: 11704415.

Female Gangsta

All Rights Reserved By The Photo Owner


To make a long story short, we all need a break once in awhile, there’s nothing wrong with it.  Go ahead play that round of Farmville or Angry Birds it won’t kill you.

Now that I’ve exposed my silliness, it’s your turn.  What do you do to blow off steam?  Tell us in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Slacker

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  3. dellanioakes says:

    I’m slacking by checking Facebook, making sure my posts are ready to go on Cereal Authors as well as the Second Wind Publishing site — only to realize I haven’t got something ready for tomorrow’s post. Glad I checked today! YIPES!


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