2044-love goes to war

2044-Love goes to war.

Chapter 1-Avrils Journal

First entry-April 8, 2044

My name is Avril Cote. I am 18 years old. I am a crack mechanic and I work for my uncle Michel. When I am not getting greasy working on cars I can be found in the orchard helping Mamere( grandma) and Maman checking on the apple trees and helping at harvest time.

I am a bit of a loaner and I spend a lot of time reading and helping with my younger siblings. My father is an astronaut and is currently stationed at one of twenty space stations in the galaxy. This space station is actually a fancy hotel for space tourists willing to pay through the nose for the privilege to see the planets up close and personal. Tired of world tours of earth, the elite started signing up through Virgin air in the early part of the century and since then prices have decreased to allow everyday people to tour the universe.

I read a lot of science fiction fantasy written in the twentieth century which by now is more fact than fiction. I look up at the stars every night after talking to dad on the com-phone which is based on the early MSN instant messengers and Skype.  Just being able to see dad daily is easy to deal with the fact that dad is a few light years away circling the rings of Arvedon 5. So when I look up at the night sky I feel his presence.

Well it’s getting late and I have to be at Michels shop to help him repair some rich politician’s hovercraft. Prime Minister Joshua Alberteaux is in office and has totally over hauled the energy industry in order to be more environmentally responsible. We are fitting all hovercrafts with solar panels to help conserve fossil fuels.  Well good night I will write more tomorrow–Avril




Chapter 2

Arvedon 5 5 –Colonel Cotes log

My name is Armand Cote and I am the Commanding officer of the space station Sorcerer.

It is 2100 hours, Friday April the 8th and I have just gotten of the com-unit with my family. My wife Juliette is as beautiful as ever as are my two stunning daughters Avril and Adrielle. My son Charles is turning into a strapping young man. We exchanged pleasantries while I tried to hide what was wrong with me. I am sick with worry over a developing crisis on Arvedon 5’s surface. An alien race named the Colassians has discovered that we are mining an ore ten times more powerful than uranium mined on earth. When the uranium is used up we are hoping that Halcetite will be able to provide earth with nuclear energy.  My family thinks I am running a tourist station for space travelers. I had to keep my mission here top secret in order to protect them on earth. The Colassians would stop at nothing to destroy Earth in order to keep the Halcetite for themselves. If war breaks out, I can tell you this; we are screwed!

I will, along with the others keep up the façade that all is well up here. In reality we are literally shaking in our boots.  Several of the other commanders are threatening a mutiny or suicide if the evil Colassians attack. We all have cyanide pills and deadly night shade capsules just in case. However, we don’t plan to go down without fighting the good fight. We need help and fast and a resistance is mounting on the surface. Jupitarians have declared us and the Venetians as allies in the fight.  I can’t hide our circumstances much longer and it will soon time to call in the marines.

I am hoping I can keep Avril out of this war although she is of age and would make a fine warrior. I would feel better if she could stay home in Barr Haven to help her mother and grandma with the children and the orchard.  However, I have no control over who gets drafted. Avril will do the right thing and fight to live and remain free.

I must go now and help secure the station for the night. This means ensuring that the shuttle craft are locked in the bays and that the cargo holds are battened down. Goodnight and Godspeed.




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