Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Starting Over by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-image“Your mom told us the good news,” he said with a boyish grin. “So, you finally kicked him out. Oorah!” He tapped her knuckles, then slung his arm around her shoulders. “Wanna go out?”

Ellen laughed, kissing his dimpled cheek. “Sorry, Cullen. I’m spoken for. Jerry, this is Cullen Fellowes. Cullen, this is my friend, Jerry Roberts.”

“Just friend?” Cullen raised an eyebrow.

“Not officially anything else at the moment. But he’s the reason I won’t be going out with you.”

“Good reason.” He shook Jerry’s hand. “You’ll take good care of her?”

“I intend to, yeah.”

“Good. I’d hate to break your legs.”

“I’d hate to have you do that.”

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Ben Drexel by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-imageVanLipsig’s dark eye flashed angrily. He inhaled sharply, nostrils flaring. “Might want to curtail that kind of language around my guys. They don’t much like being called freaks.”

“We are, though. All of us. I’ve seen the shit you guys can do, sir. You have to admit, it’s freakish.”

VanLipsig lowered his head. “We don’t much talk about it. What we had done to us, we’d like to forget. Most of my men don’t remember what happened. They know they’re missing gaps in their memories and they know they were tampered with. You and I are unique, kid. We remember a lot more.”

“I still have gaps. I can’t remember—what’s her name?” He begged for information.

VanLipsig shook his head. “I wish we could take that away completely, but you’re like me. They’re the freak show.” He nodded at the men in the room. “But we’re super freaks, you and I. No matter what they do to us, we’ll remember.”

“Do you remember everything?”

“Yes. Everything.” He looked like he wished he couldn’t. “And one day, so will you. You’ll remember her name and you’ll want to find her. But by that time, she’ll have moved on, found someone else, forgotten you. It’s better to make yourself forget, son. It hurts less that way.”

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When Inspiration Strikes You WRITE Back!

Like most authors, before one project heads to layout, the next novel I’m going to tackle is already being planned in my head. Sometimes it’s even wholly mapped out, storyline, characters, and plot twist, the works; while others are merely ideas written down. Either way, the next project or two are well defined. Most writers pride themselves in knowing what they’re next WIP is going to be (work in progress). But what happens when a new WIP sits before you, outlined, the characters all named and in place, timeline set, the first couple of chapters started, and all of a sudden another idea consumes your thoughts? Well, when inspiration strikes, you have no choice but to write. The question is, how? Many writers, when faced with such a situation, do one of two things: 1) abandon their first novel and set it aside for a later date. 2) write two pieces at the same time.

Now, I’m not opposed to writing two books at once, but I have to be conscious of my time and mindset. Time is limited, and one’s mindset, while you write, is an important factor or at least it is to me. Writing two different genres can be an issue. For me, do I lose myself in a fantasy piece, which is absolutely a wonderful thing to do, and still have enough time to pull my mind back into the throes of an emotional reality piece?

Who doesn’t love to escape, if only in their minds, to a timeless world hidden deep in Lafayette forest, explicitly created for Lilly, Boris, and Jack, and all of their friends? The colony, filled with beautiful fairies, who continually watch over each other all the while having exciting adventures. Sound sweet and fun? It’s designed to be that way – The Mischief series. A fantasy series developed for young chapter book readers.

The Mischief Series

While the fantasy world is quite delightful, often a fast and fun ‘write,’ it is the other novel that I believe would present a problem for me. It’s an NA (New Adult 18-30 +) bracket; the storyline emotional. With time continually an issue, pulling myself from a fantasy world mindest into a dramatic/emotional state of mind to write the scenes, dialog, and narration, that the characters and stories would demand can often take me a little while to transition. I find it necessary to dive into my head and become a part of the story to visualize what I’m about to write down to ‘see’ the emotion that my characters need. From fairies to where I’m going, serious NA, it could take more than a minute to get there. Do I have that kind of time to prepare my mind?

I know some authors do this all the time, write multiple novels at once, without any issues. I’d love to be one of those talented authors. But I know my limitations regarding time, and what it takes for me to prepare my mind to write the way that I do. Add the research required for the project that is currently consuming my mind, and trust me, I’m not sure I could pull off my best work. Again, due to busy work and life schedule, time is not on my side. Every author wants to produce quality work. To me, the quality of my work will always be more important than the quantity or amount of books I produce at one time. It’s only natural that writers evolve and the work improves with each novel, and I get that, but I do not want to sacrifice quality for speed of content.

Amanda M. Thrasher
signing – TLA

So what will I do? Believe it or not, chatting about it here with you has really helped. I can’t get the current storyline out of my head for the NA, and the only way to alieve that issue is to start writing it. I do have more than one project outlined, and even have one started, but like most writers, I love them all. Will the other projects get written? The answer is yes! What will the timeline be on those? The answer is when they’re completed. One WIP is not more important than the other; it just happens that one is nagging to be written more so than the other in this particular moment.

As much as I would love to whip out novels as fast as other writers, I know that I can’t. Family and work are real factors that take up the vast majority of my time. My writing schedule is vital to me, and I continue to write and share what I do, but my family will always come first. My books will get written. They’ll still be available, and maybe I will challenge myself to write both pieces this go-round. For now, it looks like the NA will come first, but perhaps I’ll dabble with both projects and try for the fun of it to write them both. The key is to write them well! The greatest thing about being an author – doing what you want in regards to the work that you produce, and that is always fun! Thanks for reading this if you do, and allowing me to chat this over with you. Keep writing your way, and everything else will eventually come to fruition.

Feel free to visit my website and check out my work: Amanda M. Thrasher 

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Character Quote from Living In The Backup Plan, Part 2 by JD Holiday

drawers and mirror 8-3-16 finished_bak

Joe and Cyril from Living In The Backup Plan, Part 2 by JD Holiday

Joe said. “Can you call your greek banker friend and ask for a safe deposit box account to store the money in?”

              “Will do,” Cyril denoted. “Stay safe. Ah, I looked into that woman. Though, I suppose it can wait now.”

              “Go ahead. What’d you find?”

              “Sure, her full name is Geordana Catherine Torderelli. There are two brothers who she was caring for, parents both are recently dead. Her mother’s family sued her for custody of the brothers and Danie lost. The three kids were left about three hundred thousand dollars each and split the money from the sale of their family house worth half a mill. Get this, she lives off the dividends and interest from her own money. It’s most in index funds, CD and some stocks. She’s a smart cookie”

              “Is she still at the Pondham Hotel?” Joe asked.

              Cyril did not miss his friend’s interest. “I don’t know. Is that where you met her?”

              “At the bar next door, will you see if she is still there?”

              “So this is personal!” Cyril added with a smirk.

              “No!” Joe denied with strenuous force half dreading Cyril’s teasing. But he scoffed at himself. Why not admit it? He added before ending the call, “Yeah, it is. I’ll call next when I can.”

              Still smiling, Cyril didn’t bother with the umbrella in the pouring rain and trotted home to get to work.

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Study of Love by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-image“So?” Summer asked.

“He’s not divorced yet,” Evie began without preamble. “But he’s filed. She refuses to sign. Could be true.”

“At least he told you, but your skepticism is admirable,” Ellen said.

“Thank you.” Evie ducked her head, bowing.

“What made him run off?” Summer asked. “Did you bite him?” Her eyes narrowed playfully.

“Not that I know of. Except on the neck so I could drink his blood….”

“Oh, that’s funny,” Ellen said, smirking.

“He’s my teacher. There are a few rules about relations and relationships between us.”

“Take his classes with another professor.”

“He’s the only one to teaches them. I need them to graduate.”

“Well, damn! Change majors!” Summer encouraged loudly. “Because he is adorable and you’re already crazy about him.”

“Based on what evidence?”

“Based on, I saw him in the hall—cute! And he was wearing as much lip gloss as you are—all over the place.”

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bridget jones


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.







Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

revolutionary road








Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut.

kurt vonnegut











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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from The Big Sleep by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-image“I want a half dozen yellow and apricot roses to this address.” He wrote it down for her. “As soon as possible. With this note.” He scribbled something on a card.

Bethany picked it up, reading it unashamedly. “For each time that I can’t remember. You’re sure?”

“Positive. With the other bouquet, this one.” He scribbled another note. “Looking forward to tonight. Each flower holds a memory and hopes of many more to come.” She frowned at him. “Two women getting flowers? What are you playing at?”

“Just send them. And don’t mix up those notes. Because after they snatch me bald, they’ll come after you.”

“I won’t mix them up,” she promised. “But two women?”

“It’s complicated, Bethany.”

“I’m getting that, Roger.”

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from I’m the Nanny by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-imageThe upstairs sprawled more than he realized. It didn’t look this big from the outside.

“It was really the master bedroom at one time, but I wanted to be closer to the twins. I converted two small bedrooms into mine and decided this would make a good nanny suite. I was going to do it in pink.” She winked at him.

“Oh, we could still do that,” he said in a singsong, silly voice, adding a lisp. “I so totally adore pink, don’t you?”

“Not really. I prefer red,” she said with a smirk.

“I’ve always been partial to green. Something on the mossy side, not emerald or Kelly.”

“Gotcha. Actually, moss greens and mushroom, maybe some cream or beige, even taupe. We could work a very masculine color scheme.”

“You lost me after mushroom,” he admitted. “But I trust you. The rest of the place looks amazing. Did you decorate it yourself?”

“I had some advice from a friend of mine. Her husband’s an architect.”

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Among the Shine Clan

Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – Part 28

among the shine clan cover“Do you greet all your female guests with a pile of clothing and a personal visit?”

He chuckled eyeing her almost hungrily. “No, just the special ones.”

He faltered as she walked over to the bed, dropping the towel and dressing unashamedly. She was tall for a woman, broad shouldered and strong. Muscles rippled under her pale skin, the light casting highlights and shadows across her breasts and thighs.

Karl sighed longingly, wanting to touch her. This was what had gotten him in trouble before, her smooth, creamy complexion, hair like golden honey and her eyes, dark, stormy, blue-grey like the ocean in a hurricane.

Half dressed, she sat beside him on the bed, staring in his light grey eyes. He had aged a lot since she had last seen him. Of course, he had been eighteen at the time, and that was nearly sixteen years ago. Time had been hard on him. His brown hair was going grey at the temples. Her hand fluttered involuntarily to move a wisp of hair from his forehead.

He caught her hand in his, kissing it gently, his lips seeking hers. Instead of falling into his embrace as she dearly wanted to, she moved away from him. Resisting him was so hard, but she must. She had never dated married men. Many of her ideals had lapsed over the years, but that one never had.

“I’ve missed you, Hannah.”

“Oh, you certainly seem to have, Karl. I’ve been gone sixteen years, and you have a child fifteen years old? I see you missed me for a week?” Her betrayed her hurt.

“I’m sorry, Hannah. I didn’t want to. The marriage was planned, you know that. Even if you’d stayed, I would still have married Uta.”

“You have four children, Karl. You don’t look like you are hurting for attention.”

“The sex is meaningless, Hannah. I never stopped loving you. You’re still so beautiful. You set me on fire!” His voice grew husky as he rose, walking to her.

“You have a wife and four children! Aren’t you worried your snooty little wife or one of your precious children will walk in on us?”

“Uta took the children to the park. I told her you and your friends needed a quiet house to get a few hours of sleep.”

“How kind of you, that is exactly what I need. Did it occur to you that I might not love you any more?”

Her words caught in her throat, forcing the bile in her stomach to gag her. She couldn’t lie to him, but this time she had to be strong.

“I was young, Karl. I made a mistake and paid dearly. I served my time and lived to tell about it. I’m not that girl any more, enamored of a handsome, gallant, intelligent, charming young man.”

“Was I all those things to you, Hannah?” He moved closer to her, touching her arms gently with his fingertips.

“Karl!” The name was a sob. Uta stood in the doorway.

“It’s not what you think, Uta,” he babbled.

“It looks as if you’re talking to a woman who’s nearly naked. What am I to assume?” Her face was tight with anger.

“Assume the worst, Uta,” Fiddlestix spat. “Just like you assumed Karl and I were sleeping together! Well, for your information, we never had sex. Not for lack of wanting to, but your little trap snared us before we could. You stole my youth, my love, and my life from me, Uta!”

Throwing on the rest of her clothing, Fiddlestix ran down the hall, banging on the doors of Blacksmith and Buzzard. Both of them answered in various stages of undress, eyes bleary.

“We’re leaving,” she told them. “I no longer feel welcome here. Mr. Fumler has promised us an escort. Get dressed. Karl, I’ll expect your team downstairs in fifteen minutes.”

Karl nodded, walking off toward the stairs. Uta stood glaring at Fiddlestix, hands balled into fists.

“Don’t ever come back, Hannah, or I swear to you…!”

“Don’t threaten me, Uta.” She pointed one powerful metal finger at Karl’s wife. “Don’t make that mistake. I’m not the girl I was. If you didn’t have children, I’d have killed you already. But a child needs its mother.” She pushed past Uta, nearly knocking her down, as she hurried outside toward her bike.

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Drenched by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-imageMy boy, if you don’t pluck that delicate flower of a woman, you’re a blind fool.”

She has a rule about not dating her boss. But I’m hoping to circumvent that. I took her to dinner last night, before she was hired, and I kissed her.”

Ah, working with the see-what-you’ll-be-missing strategy.”

Exactly. I have to use a very delicate touch. She ended a very bad relationship just before moving. In fact, it’s what precipitated the move.”

Be careful, my boy. Therein madness lies.”

Dylan nodded, gazing after Elizabeth as she walked into the restroom. “But there’s more madness without her,” he murmured.

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